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What is Individualogist Archetype?

Individualogist is a program that guides you through identifying your archetype through personality analysis. So it helps you discover your inner abilities as well as inabilities.

Often in our lives, we force ourselves to do what we think is best to develop ourselves, whether it’s our career, study, relationship, or physical and mental development. However, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. What if what you think is your strength is actually a weakness according to your archetype?

Then you may be wasting a lot of time and energy on taking the wrong path in your life. There’s a better way of improving yourself that you may not yet know of. 

How Does Individualogist Work?

Individualogist leads people to discover their personalities along with the goal of achieving self-actualization. Also, it opens people's senses to the voice of their inner self. It tends you to differentiate all about your needs from others and others to you.

It’s not only a path to self-discovery but also it is a journey of self-improvement and its expansion. Firstly it begins with the discovering of a personal path to your destiny of prosperity. Besides, it all lies within your superior, personality archetype. Thus the archetype interacts with the characters and their perceptions. So that you can experience what offers an insight into your belief system.

How Does The Individualogist Work

My Personal Thought and Experience with the Premium Archetype Test ?

I have done filling the opt-in questions in the Individualogist archetype test and found out my archetype is HERO.

I’m so excited to know that deep inside me lays the identity of a person I thought I never become. I received the free overview of my archetype and a big question mark appears inside my head. Am I truly a Hero? All the traits I read as the characteristic of Hero are standing on the opposite of myself right now.

I continue my free reading and I gain some perspective of why I doubt it in the first place. I’ve been through so many things. This process of actions that I’ve been taking plays significant part in my persona (the ego) and my personal unconscious (the shadow). All of this might have partially or completely blocked my collective unconscious (the archetype).

The only trait that I found closest to my current self-representation is “I’m afraid to be perceived as weak” which not good at all. From many positive traits that archetype Hero shares, I dwell on the negative one – the shadow. How sad.

I decided to go on the full premium archetype analysis.

I wanted to know deeper about my true being, as the site has promised to give; diminishing the shadow and cultivating the potential that I should’ve had from my archetype trait. After the purchase, they sent me 5 primal books and 5 bonuses.

I went through the first 4 primal books, and, yes, I gain a lot understanding of my archetype; what potential my archetype can do and how I feel really empowered by this. These books also give me awareness of my shadow, so I can be alert and form ways to anticipate.

I’d say that the first 4 books are great compilations of Carl Jung’s psychoanalysis theory with small addition of other psychological scholars. These are personalized books, which means you'll only receive the book according to your archetype. And the Individualogist has thoroughly arranged it in the way to make us understand the whole concept much easier.


What will you discover in Individualogist?

Individualogist will give you step-by-step guidance as follows;

  • Your Archetype : Find out your archetype and explain what it means.
  • Your Weaknesses : It will then explain your obstacles and what kind of shortcomings you should look out for.
  • Your Path To Abundance : It will explain how you can break away from the resistance in your brain that prevents you from transformation.
  • Premium Archetypal Analysis : - It will give you a detailed analysis, split into 5 progressive phases.
  • Your Strengths : - It will explain what makes you special and how you can form the foundation of your success.
  • This analysis will allow you to understand your own, unique path in life better and change your mindset dramatically. You will naturally start eliminating negative thoughts and find better ways of attracting the positives - money, health, and relationship.

What is Included in Individualogist Program?

It is a detailed guide on your persona and what you should and shouldn’t do for achieving great heights. Some of the major features included in this Individualogist horoscope are mentioned in the Individualogist below:

  • As per Individualogist review, you can learn about the positive aspects and gifts in your life, and how can you use them to your complete advantage.
  • You can understand how you can fulfill your deepest desire with the help of your strengths and avoiding the weaknesses.
  • It helps you understand your personality, character, and your complete lifestyle.
  • Apart from these major features, you shall also receive three more bonuses if you purchase it from the official website. 
  • You will find a list of factors that rule your life.
  • You will be able to understand your strengths as well as weakness that affects your style of living.
  • The shadows, a dark force that alters our thinking process that affect you majorly will be mentioned.
  • You will be able to find the reason for your unhappiness and downsides in life.
  • Active Imagination Guide
  • Dream Analysis Guide
  • Exploring your Birthdate with The Chinese Zodiac
  • Discovering your Aura
  • Feng Shui Paradigm Guide
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Individualogist Bonues

bonus 1 Exploring Your Birth date with Chinese Zodiac

Exploring Your Birthdate With The Chinese Zodiac

You may or may not have knowledge of Western astrology. But it’s good to understand the Eastern perspective from the Chinese Zodiac.

Because the Yin and Yang energies based on your birth date have some relations to your archetype.

bonus-2- Discovering Your Aura

Discovering Your Aura 

This is a very interesting area of learning, understanding how you can identify and interpret the auras each individual exudes.

It will become useful in understanding the path of life each person carries, and also to improve your relationships with others on an intuitive level.

bonus 3 Beginners Guide to the Fengshui Paradigm

Feng Shui Paradigm Guide 

Feng Shui is a simple, straightforward, and effective technique to bring a good flow of energy into your home or office.

The guide will help you turn your lifestyle rich and prosperous.

bonus 4 Active Imagination Guide

Active Imagination Guide 

This proven psychological and meditative technique explores your unconscious mind and translates it into a series of images

bridging the gap betweenyour conscious and unconscious minds.

bonus 5 Dream Analysis Guide

Dream Analysis Guide 

This guide will teach you techniques to deconstruct your dreams and interpret them so you can reveal your inner feelings and hidden truths on a deeper level.


What is an Archetype?

A term that exists in behavioral and historical contexts, as well as in literature, is known as an archetype.

The term “archetype” has a number of meanings, including the emotions, character types, and stories that are prominent in the human experience.

An archetype in the arts allows people to feel instantly familiar and have an easier time relating to an occurrence or character because they don’t have to analyze why they feel connected.

individualogist-types of archetype

While our intuition and life experiences provide us with a wealth of insight, we need not have any prior knowledge of archetypes to identify them.

It is sometimes referred to as a “statement” (or “message”), “pattern of behaviour”, “template”, or “first form”.

The essence of an archetype is that it enables us to better understand ourselves, as well as providing a glimpse into our behaviors, interests, and inclinations. All in your life—health, money, and love—is covered by it.

Check Your Archetype here:

individualogist archetype quiz

Will This Book Help You Understand Your Archetype?

 Many of us desire to learn more about ourselves, our strengths, shortcomings, inclinations, and everything else that influences our lives. Individualogist promises to provide answers to all of these issues, which is why I decided to test it out and see how it works. After using it for three months, I’ve written this Individualogist review based on my first-hand experience with it.

It is a guide that will assist you in understanding your archetype. Everyone wants to know more about themselves, such as their strengths, the path they should take, their shortcomings, past decisions, and, of course, the future. Individualogist can assist with all of these issues.

Individualogist will place you in a certain archetype based on your answers to a few quick and simple questions about yourself. Your archetype will assist you in better understanding your desires, habits, hobbies, and tendencies. It addresses practically every aspect of your life, including your health, prosperity, and love. Individualogist review reveals that the report also informs you of your talents and limitations, as well as how to best utilize them.

Individualogist is a book that will assist you in identifying the undesirable features of your personality and eliminating their impact on your life. Shadows, according to the archetype idea discussed in the Individualogist review, are the darkest element of the personality, and it informs you about it and advises you to prevent its impact on your life path. The shadows repress thoughts and desires, which can influence the direction you take in life.

In brief, the Individualogist archetype helps you better understand yourself and provides guidance on what you should focus on and what you should avoid in your life.


Individualogist Conclusion

In conclusion to this Individualogist , I would like to say that it definitely worked for me, and so there are chances that it works for you too. The in-depth and personalized information is what I liked the most about it. When you talk about Archetype, many websites offer reports regarding it, but they are normally very objective and generalized. Whereas, this guide gives personal information about you and your archetypal that helps a lot over the period.

I started using this guide from just three months, and I can already feel the positivity around me and my mood always been in the prime mode. The solutions they offer has helped me out through day-to-day crises, irrespective of how small or large they were. After all, it was just my way of dealing with it that was the problem. Therefore, I will say a Thumbs Up for Individualogist guide.

Other reasons why you can go ahead with the archetype guide is the bonuses it gives along with the main report. You get five different bonus guides along with the archetype horoscope that will help you understand your subconscious mind in a better way. Apart from this, it also offers you a priority customer service wherein you can reach in case of any problem.

Finally, the company also offers you a 60-days money-back guarantee that means you do not have to worry about your money invested in this program. If you find the services are not working for you, then just go ahead and ask for a refund. However, in any case, giving Individualogist guide a try is highly recommended. 


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